Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712-1778) / Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741)   : 
Le Printemps de Vivaldi 

Alto Recorder (unaccompanied)
Level: Advanced

Transcription from the original 1775 edition of Le Printems de Vivaldi arrange pour une flute san accompagnement par M.J.J. Rousseau in D major for unaccompanied transverse flute, transposed up a minor 3rd to F major.
Arranged by Charles Coldwell.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau's ambitious arrangement for unaccompanied flute of the "Spring" concerto from Antonio Vivaldi's Four Seasons (Concerto I from his Opus 8) is presented here in an edition for solo recorder - a virtuoso show piece for the advanced recorder player!  Rousseau's transcription from Vivaldi's original concerto for violin and strings basically presents the solo violin part — vividly depicting bird song, bubbling brooks, thunder and lightning, bagpipes and a sleeping shepherd. 

Our edition includes editorial suggestions for articulation, dynamics, ornamentation, and alternate notes based on markings found in the original parts to Vivaldi's full concerto.  Also included to aid the performer's interpretation is the text of the "Spring" sonnet found interspersed within Vivaldi's original work (which Rousseau omitted) in an English translation; indication of solo and tutti sections in Vivaldi's original; alternate fingering suggestions; and an embellished version of the Largo (2nd) movement.

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ROUSSEAU - Printemps de Vivaldi (Recorder)

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