Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)  : 

 Sonata - BWV 1033

- Alto Recorder (unaccompanied) 
- Level: Advanced

Transcription for recorder solo of J.S. Bach's Sontata in C major for transverse flute and continuo, transposed up a minor 3rd to Eb major.
Arranged by Charles Coldwell.

The present edition is a transcription for the recorder of J. S. Bach's sonata in C major for transverse flute and continuo, BWV 1033. This work has been transposed up a minor third, a common practice in the 18th century for adapting flute music to the recorder. It is also presented here in an arrangement for unaccompanied recorder, based on a theory presented by Robert Marshall in the Journal of the American Musicological Society, Fall, 1979. 

The first, second, and third movements, as well as the second minuet, present the flute part as given in C. P. E. Bach's manuscript, but without the bass line that likely was added later. The first minuet is based largely on the right hand of the fully written keyboard part found in the manuscript, but also incorporates notes from the flute line and bass line to reconstruct a cohesive, running eighth-note melody. Alternative readings of what may have been the original flute melody are given in the ossia staves.

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BACH - Sonata BWV 1033

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