Dario Castello (c.1590 – c.1658)  : 
Canzon 15 à 4 

- Recorder Quartet: SATGb(B)
- Score + 4 Parts 
- Level: Intermediate

Transcription for recorder ensemble of Sonata Decima quinta a 4 Per Stromenti d’arco (originally for four string instruments) from Sonate Concertate In Stil Moderno Per Sonar nel Organo overo Clavicembalo con diversi Instrumenti. A. 1.2.3. & 4. Voci. Libro Secondo (Venice 1629), transposed down a fourth from D to A.
Arranged by Charles Coldwell

Castello’s Sonata 15 is typical of the early Italian solo and ensemble sonata of his time -- the entire work consisting of a single movement with several sections of different tempi and meter.  This transcription for recorders is based on the original part-books of 1644 and 1629. The piece has been transposed down a fourth from D to A to fit a recorder consort of soprano, alto, tenor and great bass (in C). An alternate part for the bass recorder is provided for those ensembles that lack a great bass.

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CASTELLO - Sonata 15

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