Heinrich Scheidemann (c1595-1663)  : 
Praeambulum in G – wv73  

- Recorder Quintet: SATBGb
- Score (with original keyboard version) + 5 Parts (GB part in treble and bass clefs)
- Level: Intermediate

Transcription for recorder ensemble of work originally for organ.
Arranged by Charles Coldwell. 

Heinrich Scheidemann was one of the leading organ composers of the 17th century, and a seminal figure in the development of the North German organ school. From 1611 to 1614 Scheidemann studied in Amsterdam with famed organist and composer Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck. The large-scale praeambulum for organ, developed from the short improvised introit, evolved with Sweelinck's pupils. The praeambula of Scheidemann typically have three sections. The opening and closing sections in free, chordal-figurative style encompass a contrasting, imitative middle section.

This transcription is for five recorders, SATB and GB (with the option of playing the GB part on a B). While the organ original can clearly be delineated into four separate voices, a five voice arrangement for recorders better preserves motives and voice leading in the lower voices, and accommodates playing the additional pedal notes in the last 3 bars of the piece

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SCHEIDEMANN - Praeambulum in G – wv73 (Recorders SATBGb)

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