William Bryd (1540-1623)   :  
Gipsies’ Round  

- Recorder Quintet: SATTB
- Score (with original keyboard version) + 5 Parts
- Level: Upper Intermediate

Transcription for recorder ensemble of Byrd’s complete set of variations originally for keyboard instruments.
Arranged by Charles Coldwell.

William Byrd’s prodigious output included numerous sacred and secular vocal works, instrumental consort music, and a large number of keyboard pieces.  His influence on the development of English music was great that he was heralded the “Father of English Music” upon his death.

This transcription of William Byrd’s seven variations on Gipsies’ Round (originally titled Gipseis Round) is based on the only surviving version from the largest collection of English music for virginals or harpsichord: the Fitzwilliam Virginal Book.

Similar in feeling and style of his variations on Sellinger’s Round, it is a lively, rollicking dance in 6/8 meter.  It appears to be an earlier composition than Sellinger’s Round.  While it features similar elaborate figurations moving between the upper two parts, the contrapuntal interplay among the inner parts is less developed (with the advantage of making them easier).

This transcription of Gipsies’ Round retains the original key, and the score includes the original keyboard version for comparison of transcription with the original. It is suitable for Intermediate to Upper Intermediate players (rapid eighth-note passage work in some variations, and high range, to f’’’, in alto part). While the alto recorder part requires facility playing in its highest register, it can be played on a Baroque or modern style F alto, or on a late Renaissance or Ganassi style G alto.  When the latter instrument is available, this arrangement can be played on a consort of late Renaissance recorders.

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BYRD – Gipsies’ Round (Recorders SATTB)

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