• BYRD – Sellinger’s Round (Recorder Orchestra)

William Bryd (1540-1623)   :  

- Recorder Orchestra: SnSATTBBGbCb
-Score + 9 Parts (+ additional Gb part in treble clef)
- Level: UpperIntermediate +

Transcriptionfor recorder orchestra of Byrd’s complete set of variations originally forkeyboard instruments.
Arranged by Charles Coldwell.

The tune of Sellinger’s (or Sellenger’s)Round was quite popular in the 16thand 17 centuries, and was sometimes known as “The Beginning of the World” or“St. Leger’s Round.”  Many ballads wereset to it, and it is mentioned in numerous literary and dramatic text of thetime.  As a dance tune, it was a populartune for dancing around a Maypole, and also it appeared in Playford’s Dancing Master.

William Byrd’s nine variations on Sellinger’s Round survive in twomanuscript collections of music for virginals or harpsichord: My Lady Nevells Booke and the Fitzwilliam Virginal Book.   In Byrd’s original keyboard setting, themelody moves between the upper two parts, sometimes lost within Byrd’selaborate figurations.  What isnoticeable is that the inner-voices seem very “part like,” as if they werecondensed from a version for instruments. Some variations are quite homophonic, like an instrumental dance piece;while other variations are more contrapuntal, with imitative entrances orpassages.

While Byrd’s original keyboard setting can betranscribed for four instruments quite nicely (which is also available asED-R01503), but it also works as an arrangement for recorder orchestra, byessentially distributing the voices among 4’ and 8’ recorder consorts and mimickinglate renaissance double-choir music by alternating between tutti and the 4’ and8’ “choirs.”

Ourtranscription of Sellinger’s Round is based on the original versionsfrom two manuscriptcollections of music for virginals, or harpsichord: My Lady Nevells Booke and the FitzwilliamVirginal Book.  It retainsthe original key and includes all nine of Bryd’s variations.  This work is most suitable for Upper Intermediate or Advanced players(rapid eighth-note passage work in some variations).

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BYRD – Sellinger’s Round (Recorder Orchestra)

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