JeanSibelius (1865-1957)   :  
Andante Festivo
for String Orchestra, 1939

-Recorder Ensemble or Recorder Orchestra: SATBGbCb  + optional Timpani
- Score + 8 Parts (Gb in both bass and treble clefs)
- Level: Intermediate

Transcription for of Jean Sibelius’ StringQuartet from 1922, with optional Contrabass part from 1939 version for string orchestra.
Arranged by Charles Coldwell.

As director of music for the 1939 New York World's Fair, Olin Downes, an influential New York Times music critic as well as a close friend, biographer, and champion of Sibelius, urged him to "conduct a piece of music as Finland's greeting to the world in a radio broadcast to celebrate the New York World Exhibition."  The 73-year-old Sibelius agreed to come out of retirement after not having conducted in over a decade, having stopped due to chronic shaking of the hands.  For this performance, Sibelius reworked Andante Festivo, originally written in 1922 as a String Quartet, into a composition for string orchestra and timpani, which had its premiere performance as a live worldwide broad-cast on January 1, 1939 by the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra. The recording of that broadcast is the only surviving example of the composer interpreting one of his own works.

This arrangement of Andante Festivo is intended to be played by a large recorder ensemble or recorder orchestra with multiple players per part. This edition is based closely on the version for string orchestra and timpani, with the original key retained, and with almost all notes being played at their original pitch (octave), with exceptions mostly occurring in the Contrabass part.  The Alto and Bass parts require playing divisi when more than one player per part.

We have also published an arrangement for recorders of the quartet version with an optional Contrabass Recorder part based on the contrabass part found in the String Orchestra version (ED-E01603 for ATBGB+Cb), intended for one player per part.

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SIBELIUS- Andante Festivo (1938) for Recorder Orchestra (SATBGbCb)

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